Jesus Was My Invisible Babysitter | Ricky Gervais | Big Think

Jesus Was My Invisible Babysitter | Ricky Gervais | Big Think.


6 thoughts on “Jesus Was My Invisible Babysitter | Ricky Gervais | Big Think

  1. That was such a fun interview to watch. Thanks Mr. Atheist. I am still agnostic though. lol. For now.

  2. I like how he heard his 17 year old brother, and just KNEW he was telling the truth. We all had so much wisdom and life experience 17, you know? lol. Classic.

  3. Obviously it had more to do with his mothers reaction than what his brother said. She acted fearful which expressed her own doubts in her religion. After all his brother didn’t say much. It is awfully similar to an older sibling spoiling Santa. A small comment can do very little damage without the credibility of a parent who is assumed to have much more wisdom. It would have held much weight had she reacted in any other way other than dumbfounded. Had she stood by her convictions and called her older son the devil (or something extremist like that)it would have made more of an impression on Mr. Gervias wouldn’t you agree?

    PS: Organized religion is an archaic form of control anyways IMO.

  4. Yeah, I guess you’re right. If she didn’t believe it, there’s no good reason for her to expect her child to believe it. Why would we try to control what others do? God’s not a babysitter. 😀

    I understand your displeasure with “organized religion”… but lumping all religions and all persons adhering to a religion, based on the actions of some, and the opinions of others is simply illogical. However, the dead growth needs to be pruned so that the living can flourish. If we just chop down the whole plant we’ll be left with a barren wasteland.

  5. You are right I shouldn’t have lumped all religions into one category. Thanks for pointing that out Bradley. I do really like some of the moral structures that religion created. I think I just woke up on a grouchy side of the bed this morning. lol

  6. Well, religion as a whole, is not perfect because it is man-made. I have said elsewhere…and Christopher Hitchens says it best. It was our first attempt at understanding.

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